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August 20th
Using Shapemaster -The Benefits of Power Assisted Exercise.
Posted by Admin

Shapemaster equipment has the combined technology of three exercise techniques to create a unique system to work the body smart, not hard. Incorporating the highly effective Pilates method with conventional resistance and continuous passive motion, Shapemaster is ideal for more mature users or people living with injury or mobility issues. The Strict Form Technique (SFT) allows the user to maintain correct positioning and alignment to keep the body in safe, structured and effective motion. This allows the user to achieve maximum benefit from every movement on the Shapemaster equipment whilst minimising the risk of strain, injury or impact on the body and joints. SFT also achieves accelerated results due to the double positive action created by the bio-mechanically effective motion of the equipment, doubling the amount of effective body movement compared to conventional exercise methods. A thirty minute workout on Shapemaster equipment will gently strengthen and tone the core as well as every major muscle group in the body each and every time.

Continuous Passive Motion assists in gently increasing flexibility and improving mobility whilst the user is applying the strengthening resistance. Shapemaster equipment provides a stage conditioning advancement program which allows each user to advance at their own pace and ability. A large variety of exercises to target different regions of the body is available throughout the program. This keeps each session fresh, exciting and challenging whilst maintaining a safe environment for the body.