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Matt Gilbert

I’ve been a willing member of Berwick Shapemaster for over two years now. I come here to lose weight and find a way to do it while handling my MS. I’ve lost 8kg and am keeping it off while getting stronger and more able to manage my everyday life. I come every time, even when I feel I don’t want to because this is a fun, vibrant and happy place and they tolerate me. (lol) I always rave about this place to everyone and always will.

Joy Yates

I signed up for 10 sessions initially, I loved Berwick Shapemaster so much, I signed up to become a member. I have been attending Berwick Shapemaster for about 2 years now. I have lost 6kgs and lost over 40cms. I have regained my flexibility, mobility and have toned up. I love the one on one and you work at your own pace. I look forward everyday to use Shapemaster. Everyone should join for your health and wellbeing. You have fun while you exercise for only 30 minutes a day. When you walk through the door, you can feel the family atmosphere.

Donna Morgan

I have been coming to Berwick Shapemaster for two months. I’ve lost 6kgs and 28.5cms. I keep coming because I enjoy doing the exercise program. Steph and the girls are very friendly and keep me motivated with their support. I already have and will definitely keep recommending Berwick Shapemaster to my family and friends.

Irene Curry

I have been coming to Berwick Shapemaster for 12 months. I come to help with my joint movement. I enjoy talking to the staff, they are all so helpful and I would recommend Berwick Shapemaster to anybody that needs to keep mobile or firm up a bit!