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August 20th
Starting your journey with Shapemaster
Posted by Admin

The reasons for starting exercise are in the hundreds. People want to look better, look younger, feel healthier and happier, improve mobility and flexibility. Exercise helps us cope better emotionally, improves coping mechanisms when under stress, opens up doors to meet new friends and have fun while preventing illness and increasing the body’s resistance to infections, cancer, diabetes and disease.

With all the incredible benefits that exercise brings, it’s surprising that so many people are not exercising regularly. Gymnasiums on nearly every corner, personal trainers advertising in every local paper and classes at every community centre, the question must be asked, Why don’t you exercise? Too expensive, too hard, too old, too painful, too tired, not enough time. So many excuses. Another major reason for people not exercising or joining a gym is fear and uncertainty. Gymnasiums can be intimidating places. Fitness fanatics strutting around with their firm bodies, competitive environments, complicated exercise equipment and no training, lack of customer service and care . It’s no wonder people only try a few times before throwing in the towel.

The Shapemaster program is a totally different experience. From the moment you walk through the door, the staff begin to get to know you. After a quick and easy assessment of your current health, a few goals are set and you are on your way. Full training is provided on all equipment and the high level of service continues each and every visit. The VIP service ensures that staff members are aware of any injuries or conditions that may affect your exercises and are always around to make sure you get the most out of your session. The program begins at a very easy and manageable level where even the most unfit people are able to get through a workout with a smile on their face. The level advancement will progress only when your body is ready, so once again, the staff will know personally when you can begin to learn the next stage of movement.

No special clothing is required so you don’t have to worry about fitting into certain outfits or brand names. The aim is to provide you with a relaxed comfortable environment for you to achieve your goals and enjoy the journey.

So what are you waiting for? Call today and see how you can turn your life around