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Jen Schulze

Thanks to Shapemaster, so far…..I have lost 10kg and my daughter has lost 14Kg. We joined in January 2017, and haven’t looked back! Having tried a number of ways to get on top of our increasing weigh gain, we were becoming increasingly disheartened that we were never going to be successful in dropping our kilos.  We were inspired to try Shapemaster, as the intimate environment was very appealing. Dee and her staff are awesome! They are all easy to get along with, encouraging and make workouts a joy! They have kept us motivated and enthusiastic about getting into shape and dropping kilos.  The Shapemaster exercise equipment is easy to use, assisting to tone and transform our body shape. Along with mindful attention to what we are eating, the combination has contributed to improving our overall image and weight loss success. We are confident that our goals will be reach as we continue our journey. We appreciate the encouragement of staff and comfort of the valued service provided. We recommend anyone intimidated by other gyms to give it a try, I’m sure you will be impressed!  Thanks to Dee, Deb and other Staff. You are all doing a great job!