Berwick Shapemaster Wellness Centre

(03) 9707 5222

Fiona Scutt

I was looking for something different to a traditional gym to tone and strengthen my body, so I came across Shapemaster.    It is has been under new management for some time with new staff where there is just a wonderful, warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  As we are doing the exercises on the power assisted Pilates machines, the members chat with staff and amongst themselves about their lives which helps pass the time by quickly.  When I started, I did a trial of the machines before joining.  I started off three times a week, with doing a Vibrosaun on Saturday mornings after my Shapemaster session.  As I built up my strength, I increased the number of attendances to 5 times a week  – after work each night (Monday –Thursday) and a session on Saturday morning with a Vibrosaun.  As you get stronger in doing the exercises, the resistance is either changed or a new exercise is introduced.  There is no set program nor do you have to do a set number of times for an exercise as it is individually customised on as a needed basis depending on how each member is progressing.  Each session can take approx. 30 minutes (if doing only 6 machines, 5 minutes per machine) or up to an hour if you want to do all 12 machines.  Each member comes for different reasons whether it is a body injury, reduced mobility, health conditions such as multiple sclerosis, or just wanting to tone and strengthen. Both men and women attend.  Everyone works at their own pace. You are not judged for how slow you may progress or if you can’t do a particular exercise.  There are always staff members on the floor setting up your machines, providing instructions on each exercise and monitoring how you are doing the exercises with that personalised attention.  I have had three knee arthroscopies and slight scoliosis of my back and neck.  Due to these conditions I use to visit the physio on a regular basis.  Also I used to get several migraines each year.  Since doing Shapemaster and using Vibrosaun I have had very few visits to the physiotherapist and less migraines, due to the improved strength and toning of my body, particularly my core.  It has been a great stress relief after a hard day at work, which my husband will vouch for.   In fact, when my membership was up for renewal he wanted me to re-join as he said I’m a happier person when I come home after a session at Shapemaster.  If I have had a hard day at work that has tired me, the staff suggest which machines to work on and what exercises to do so I can still benefit from the exercises without causing further exhaustion/tiredness.   I enjoy having a Vibrosaun at the end of week that is a vibrating bed you lay on in a capsule that heats up to your desired temperature.    It is relaxing, great to loosen up the muscles and helps detox.  I have joined gyms, done various exercises classes in the past but I have found this to be the most enjoyable way to exercise due to the great camaraderie with the members and the wonderful staff who give you that special individual attention while exercising at my own pace within my abilities.