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1st November
Improve Your Balance and Stability
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Health Tip:

Improve your Balance and Stability!

Is core strength just a fancy way of saying toning the abs or doing a lot of sit ups? Core strength and stability is imperative in looking after the body every day, and as more and more research concludes, a crucial factor in injury management.

The core is made up of three sheaths of muscles - the upper abs, the side muscles, which are called the obliques, and then a very deep layer of muscle. Those deep muscles are the ones that do the magic.

Core strength will help support the spine and increase stability and balance. The best part about strengthening the core m...

20th August
Starting your journey with Shapemaster
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The reasons for starting exercise are in the hundreds. People want to look better, look younger, feel healthier and happier, improve mobility and flexibility. Exercise helps us cope better emotionally, improves coping mechanisms when under stress, opens up doors to meet new friends and have fun while preventing illness and increasing the body’s resistance to infections, cancer, diabetes and disease.

With all the incredible benefits that exercise brings, it’s surprising that so many people are not exercising regularly. Gymnasiums on nearly every corner, personal trainers advertising in every local paper and classes at every community centre, the q...

20th August
Using Shapemaster -The Benefits of Power Assisted Exercise.
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Shapemaster equipment has the combined technology of three exercise techniques to create a unique system to work the body smart, not hard. Incorporating the highly effective Pilates method with conventional resistance and continuous passive motion, Shapemaster is ideal for more mature users or people living with injury or mobility issues. The Strict Form Technique (SFT) allows the user to maintain correct positioning and alignment to keep the body in safe, structured and effective motion. This allows the user to achieve maximum benefit from every movement on the Shapemaster equipment whilst minimising the risk of strain, injury or impact on the body and joint...